Do situation analysis and scoping of ASM sector
⦁ Form learning groups (LG) with agreed priorities, approach and work plan
⦁ Design and use process to link ASM miners to policy processes
⦁ Hold meetings for peer-to-peer exchange on ideas, knowledge, practice
⦁ Produce ‘ASM outlook’ reports
⦁ Produce policy briefs and guidance
⦁ Hold advocacy meetings and events with decision-makers
⦁ Disseminate LG reports and findings to media and wider audiences
⦁ Do multi-media work to share miners’ stories (blogs, videos, media trips)
⦁ Hold annual learning event;
⦁ Regular e-updates to network members on news items, events, and publications;
⦁ Media transmission of key reports produced by the learning groups/dialogues; videos and a blog series (e.g. which share miners’ own stories); press trips to cover key struggles and successes; and seminars and events with key decision-makers and sector stakeholders.
⦁ Build membership of virtual network
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