Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should take an Online Course?

Project beneficiaries including those involved Artisanal and Small Mining activities are directly eligible for online courses.
Besides,  registered ASM Learning Group members  having interest in ASM activities, problems and issues including from  CSOs, government, CSR, private sector agencies linked to ASM activities can participate in the online training programs and events organized for addressing critical issues concerning ASM communities in India and globally.
Others interested persons can also contact us to be considered for participating in our programs.

How can I know about an Online Course?

We intimate our members regularly about programs and you are requested to enroll as a member with your complete address including email to receive regular information from us. 

How Do I Access My Course?

We will provide you a link once you register in our online course.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

Yes, the language requirements are English/Hindi/Odia depending on the  language proficiency of the participant group 

Can I Take More than One Course at a Time?

No, we advise our participants to enroll for one course at a time and acquire competency to start a micro-project/enterprise 

What is the payment for an online Course?

We decide from time to time about online courses but donor supported courses are free for target beneficiaries and ASM learning group members.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Online learning courses include online lecture sessions, case works, practical demonstrations, soft copy of study materials, project assignments including undertaking micro-projects in ASM communities/mining sites or starting micro-enterprises benefiting ASM sector and successful completion includes your final presentation followed with certification.

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